Our New History

Noosa Electric Co. was founded in 1973. Through a number of evolutions, our business is now approaching 50 years of operation on the Sunshine Coast. We’ve been here for a long time, and we have a rich and interesting history – but our focus is on the future.

Starting as an electrician service, we currently offer a comprehensive integrated service for residential and commercial electrical, air-conditioning, appliance repair & refrigeration. This is underpinned by a large vehicle fleet, specialised staff, and customer service capability, coming together to create a different calibre of experience for you. But times are changing.

A new requirement is arising for innovations that require solutions for:

  • Changing technology (hardware & software)
  • Autonomous systems & environments
  • Ecological optimisation
  • New transport modes
  • Decentralisation of the workplace

As we move forward, we are looking for better ways to do what we already do, and new ways to create sustainable solutions for Sunshine Coast homes and businesses.