Noosa Solar Solutions

Noosa Solar Solutions

Are you keen to take advantage of solar power for your home or business? We are excited to offer our range of high-quality solar solutions to homes and businesses in Noosa and surrounding Sunshine Coast suburbs. With 50+ years of service in the area, Noosa Electric Co. is here to support you with a long-term solar solution to take you into the future. Take full advantage of solar power and achieve energy independence while helping to reduce carbon emissions in line with local and national goals. Talk to our team for a free assessment and get a quote for your solar today!

Our Capability

Noosa Electric Co has been operating on the Sunshine Coast since 1973. Our capability includes a team of 26 staff, 15 vehicle fleet, dedicated customer service department, warehouse and logistics team. We’re committed to our customers and their installations in the long term. Part of our vision for the future is to make a meaningful contribution towards the achievement of zero emissions in the Noosa Shire, and will be here to support our customers along the way.

What Matters with Solar

We believe the following criteria should be taken into account with any solar installation:

  • Safety & Compliance: Ensuring safe solar installations
  • Quality: Quality products, quality installations
  • Performance: Getting the most out of your solar system
  • Longevity: Solutions that are designed to last
  • Support: Long-term support for your installation
  • Flexibility: Flexible solutions to suit your lifestyle
  • Sustainability: Working towards a sustainable future

Solar Safety & Compliance

We are dedicated to safety in all aspects of our work. We ensure the safety of our solar solutions in three ways:

  1. Licensed, qualified and experienced team
  2. High-quality components
  3. Rigorous adherence to industry standards.

Learn more about solar safety with Noosa Electric Co.

Quality Solar Solutions

As a long-term provider of electrical services, we have earnt a reputation for quality work for over 50 years on the Sunshine Coast.We believe solar installations should be approached with a focus on quality. This will help ensure the longevity and safety of the solar solution. With this in mind, our approach to solar includes:

  1. Licensed, qualified and experienced team
  2. High-quality components
  3. Rigorous adherence to industry standards
  4. Warranties of up to 25 years (see your quote for more details)

Solar Performance

We design and install solar systems to provide an optimal performance. In addition to the measures mentioned above, we also offer:

  1. Solar design optimisation to suit your home and budget
  2. Energy usage optimisation
  3. Multiple configuration options
  4. Solar app energy management

Learn more about improving solar performance.

Solar Longevity

Solar is a long-term investment, and we’re here to help make sure your solar solution will last for the long run. This is achieved by the installation of quality components by licensed and qualified solar professionals. Learn more about solar longevity.

Support for Your Solar Installation

We’ve been operating on the Sunshine Coast since 1973. With 50+ years of service, we are committed to providing long-term support for your solar installation. We will be here to help with:

  • Troubleshooting & warranty repairs
  • System extensions and adaptions
  • Incorporations with new peripherals (e.g. EV charging station)

Solar Installation Flexibility

Solar is not a case of one-size-fits-all. We configure our solar solutions to suit your budget, energy and lifestyle requirements. Our solar solutions can also be adapted to enhance your solar system and the way it integrates into your home. Energy management, battery storage, and EV charging are examples of ways your solar can be extended with hardware and software to provide a more comprehensive outcome.

To help with solar financing, we offer finance options (available with Handypay), and we’re here to help ensure you make the most of solar rebates. Learn more about solar finance.

Finance Options
Finance is available with Handypay. Learn more about finance options, or discuss finance with our team when you submit your solar enquiry.

Sustainability Focus: Solar

We see solar energy as a vital part of our vision for a sustainable future. Collecting clean energy from your own rooftop is a significant step towards achieving the Australian goal of carbon neutrality. This is a process called electrification, which you can learn more about here. We are also interested in related ideas and initiatives to achieve this goal, and work to innovate our product range towards a clean future.

What’s the Right Solar Solution for You?

Solar can be confusing, but don’t worry – we are here to help. When we provide you with a quote, we assess your home, budget, and energy objectives to determine the best option to suit your needs. We keep you informed of the advantages of different approaches, so you can approach your solar installation with confidence and a thorough understanding.