Noosa Solar Solutions

Noosa Solar Solutions

Talk to our team for a Noosa Electric Co for a professional solar solution. Our technicians will work with you to help you design and install a modern solar solution. Learn more below, or contact our team for more information or to arrange a free quote for your home or business. 

Noosa Solar Solutions

Noosa Electric Co is ready to take your solar to the next level with our Advanced On-Grid AC solar System. In addition to holding advantages in safety, efficiency, longevity and scalability over DC systems in a string configuration, Noosa Electric Co AC solar installations are designed and installed by our experienced electrical team to achieve a long-term, high-quality solar solution for your home or business. Learn more about AC solar on this page, or contact our team to arrange a free quote for your solar today.

About AC Solar

AC solar is an evolution in solar technology with advantages including:

  • Individual panel operation for improved efficiency
  • Uses of AC through the whole circuit
  • Removes the need for a DC isolator switch
  • Removes the need for an inversion unit in the home
  • No high-voltage Direct Current
  • Capability to scale, independent of a single inverter
  • Reduced points of failure

A Safer Solar Solution

In any electrical installation, safety is always the highest priority. AC solar removes the need to run high-voltage DC currents across your roof, creating a safer solar solution for your home.

Improving Solar Efficiency

AC solar panels operate individually, creating an advantage over DC solar systems in a string configuration, where the whole system depends on all cells performing together.

Enhanced Solar Scalability

AC solar brings an advantage in scalability. Without relying on a single inverter, homeowners are able to add additional panels to their system at any time, making the system easily scalable in the future.

Solar System Longevity

Solar is a long-term investment and Noosa Electric Co is committed to providing a configuration equipped with quality components ready to deal with harsh Australian conditions.

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