Electrification – the switch to electrical appliances and transportation, powered by clean renewable energy – is an exciting movement with a range of positive beneficial outcomes. On this page, we take a look at what’s behind this philosophy, and check out the different ways you can apply Electrification principles to your own home or business. Whether you’re interested in achieving a more sustainable energy solution, looking to optimise energy usage, or seeking energy independence, Electrification is a topic well worth exploring. Let’s go!

What is Electrification?

Electrification is the process of using clean, renewable electricity to power electrical appliances, machines and transportation.
Electrification is a move away from fossil fuelled power sources. 

Reasons for Electrification

Australia has a goal to reach Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. [SRC: dcceew.gov.au] About 90 per cent of the world’s carbon emissions come from the burning of fossil fuels – mainly for electricity, heat and transport. [SRC: csiro.au] Electrification has the goal to reduce these emissions by replacing fossil fuelled energy sources with clean, renewable energy.
Learn more about reasons for Electrification in this article.  

The Electrification Solution

The Electrification solution involves a 2-step shift in the way we use energy:
1. Switch to renewable energy from sources such as solar power.
2. Switch to electrical transportation, machines and appliances.

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Noosa Electric Co. Electrification Services

The Electrification journey is unique for each home and business. As a leading electrical services provider in the Noosa area, we are interested in exploring sustainable outcomes in the energy space. Our electricians can help you achieve safe, compliant installations, integrated with an informed vision for the electrical optimisation of your home or business. 

Following are the different Electrification actions we can assist with:

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