Coronavirus Action Plan

Last Updated: 9/3/23

Occasionally, we continue to operate with reduced staff numbers due to Covid 19.

While there are currently no mandated isolation periods, given the safety of our staff and customers remains a priority of NECo, we continue to adhere to QLD Health guidelines for any staff that return a positive test:

  • Our staff need to isolate until they are asymptomatic and have no fever for at least 24hrs (not managed by painkillers)
  • Until staff are 7 days past their first symptoms, they must;
  • Not enter high risk establishments, such as aged-care facilities and;
  • Maintain physical distancing in a customers home, and where this isn’t possible, they must wear a mask.

We remain committed to providing outstanding service. Given the necessary changes to our business, you can help us deliver service more safely by minimising any face to face contact:

1. Please book your job by telephone, email, or on our website
2. Please make your payments online
3. If you require a workshop repair, please ensure this is booked with our scheduling team prior to dropping off your appliance
4. Any parts enquiry should be made via our website

Here’s how we’re optimising our onsite service to ensure we safely operate in your home:

Please advise if you are unwell or are in isolation prior to appointment, and we will reschedule.

Social Distancing
When we visit, we may ask you to stay in a separate room or socially disrance while we’re working. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to talk to us! 

We appreciate every single customer, as we face this rapidly changing environment together, and give you our commitment to support the community that we have been proudly a part of since 1973.