How Do I Know if my Switchboard Needs to Be Updated?

Switchboards are a critical component of a residential electrical system. The switchboard is responsible for distributing power, protecting circuits, and ensuring the safe and efficient use of electricity within the premises. It is crucial to maintain and update your switchboard to ensure electrical safety and compliance with modern electrical standards.

Problems with an outdated switchboard

There are quite a few problems that can occur with an outdated switchboard. Here are some examples:

1. Safety

Switchboards perform a major role in keeping your electrical system, and the people who use it, safe. An outdated switchboard may not include the necessary safety features to perform these important tasks. Outdated switchboards that lack proper protective measures can pose a higher risk of electrical fires, especially if the wiring insulation is deteriorating or if connections are loose.

2. Performance

An outdated switchboard may not have the capacity to handle the electrical demands of your appliances and devices. This can lead to frequent tripping of your circuit breakers, power outages, and reduced efficiency of your electrical system. Also, older switchboards are less likely to offer energy management features or support for energy-efficient technologies. This can result in wasteful energy consumption and higher utility bills.

3. Non-Compliant or Faulty Earthing Systems

Proper earthing is essential for protection against electrical faults and shocks. 

4. Obsolete Components

Over time, components within your switchboard can degrade, corrode, or become worn out. Outdated switchboards might use components that are no longer manufactured or supported, making repairs and maintenance challenging.

5. Non-Compliance

Electrical codes and regulations evolve over time to reflect improved safety standards. An outdated switchboard might not comply with current codes, potentially leading to legal and safety issues.

6. Difficult to Upgrade

If you want to incorporate smart home technology, renewable energy sources, or other modern electrical systems, an outdated switchboard might not have the necessary infrastructure to support these upgrades.

How do you know if your switchboard needs to be updated?

A quick way to find out is to take a photo of your switchboard and send it through to our team. We offer a free assessment on the basis of this visual inspection, then contact you to discuss the status of your switchboard. Simply upload your photo on the form below. 

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