Why Air-Conditioners Should Be Cleaned

Air-Conditioners should be cleaned on a regular basis. In this brief article, we demonstrate the two reasons why this is essential, provide (pretty unpleasant) images of air-conditioners which we have cleaned. Let’s go!

Why Air-Conditioners Should Be Cleaned

There are two main reasons why you should arrange to have your air-conditioner cleaned on a regular basis: health and efficiency.

Health Reasons

If you don’t like reading, just scroll down to the pictures of air-conditioners that we have cleaned lately – they tell the story. Over time, using your air-conditioner creates a build-up of dirt and mould. This is especially important on the Sunshine Coast, where high humidity creates prolific mould in AC units. If it isn’t cleaned, then the air you are breathing will be contaminated by this buildup. Breathe clean air, and get your air-conditioner cleaned regularly.

Efficiency Reasons

A buildup of contaminants such as dirt and mould effects the efficiency of your air-conditioner. As the buildup gets worse, the space for air to move in the system decreases and forces the system to work harder to achieve the same results. This costs more money and will also reduce the life of the AC unit.

Pictures of Air-Conditioners That Need Cleaning

Warning – Gross Alert!