Terms and Conditions

1. Our Guarantee

a. All work will be completed by fully qualified tradesmen in a safe and courteous manner.
b. We carry full insurance including $20M Public Liability, and have been Members of the Master Electricians for over 16 years.
c. 12 month guarantee on all workmanship
d. All products and spare parts are backed by varying manufacturer guarantees
i. Manufacturer guarantees are voided if parts have not been installed by a qualified
technical person
ii. If parts fail under warranty, the labour associated with parts replacement may not be
covered under warranty.  Subject to individual manufacturer terms.
e. When diagnosing appliances, it is not always possible to diagnose all faults until an initial fault has been rectified.  Upon completion of an appliance repair, further faults may be identified which may require additional parts and labour not included within our initial diagnosis.

2. Payment Terms

a. Unless agreed otherwise in writing in advance, Noosa Electric Co offers strictly 7 day credit terms.
b. If all or part payment is not made by payment due date for any reason, interest shall accrue and be payable, to the extent legally enforceable.
c. In addition to clause b any reasonable costs with debt collection for unpaid overdue amounts will be the responsibility of the customer.
d. Noosa Electric Co reserve the right to request payment in advance either in part or in whole, for estimates or quoted work, or a deposit for work being completed on a time and materials basis.
e. Payment in part or whole for work to be completed may be requested in advance.
f. All supplies remain the property of Noosa Electric Co until paid for in full.

3. Pricing

a. For work completed on a time and materials basis, it is the customers responsibility to ensure that they are aware and understand the applicable rates for the services being performed.
i. No consideration will be given to customers on the basis that they were unaware of the hourly rate.
ii. Time and materials charges are applicable for the total time on-site including
paperwork and any clean up.
b. Where we provide an estimate for repair of appliance services, we reserve the right to request payment in advance of ordering parts and performing services.
c. Any estimate or quotation provided is valid for 30 days
d. Unless specifically stated otherwise, any estimate provided does not include any provision for the following:
i. Paint or plaster repairs
ii. Modifications to existing cabinetry, fixtures or fittings
iii. Any service which is not clearly outlined as included within the proposal, and you ask
us to perform, will be charged on a time and materials basis.
d. View our pricing policy including hourly rates here.

4. Limitation of Liability

To the extent of the law we will not be liable for any indirect, or consequential loss or damage, loss of profit, damage to reputation or loss of data.
a. Our total liability shall be limited to the total price paid for the purchase of product or services.
b. Noosa Electric Co will take all reasonable precautions for work undertaken, but will not be held liable for unforeseen circumstances related to;
i. Digging or trenching
ii. Drilling though walls
c. If we are completing works on your behalf as outlined in 4. b, any unforeseen costs associated with rectification of damaged services including electrical and water will be the responsibility of the customer, or those instructing the work to be completed.

5. Creating Access for Our Staff to Work

a. Please ensure our staff have clear access to the required work area. Please move any furniture or items under or in close proximity to the work area out of the way before our staff arrive. 
b. If items impede access to the work area, we may be unable to complete our work.
c. In the event that we need to move items to access the work area, all care will be taken, but no responsibility for any damage caused will be taken.

6. Air-Conditioner Servicing

a. The process of cleaning a dirty air conditioner may create some mess in the surrounding space.  While we work to minimise this, no responsibility is taken in this instance.
b. Please see above: Creating Access for Our Staff to Work

7. Moving Appliances

a. In the event that an appliance needs to be uninstalled or moved to diagnose faults or complete repairs, due care and responsibility will be taken to ensure that this is done in a safe manner without property damage. However, in some circumstances, minor scratches and scuff marks are unavoidable. In this event, Noosa Electric Co takes no responsibility and advise that the customer should make direct arrangements with removalists in advance if required.

b. Please see above: Creating Access for Our Staff to Work

8. Returns and Refunds

a. No returns on electrical circuit boards once packaging has been opened
b. 50% restocking fee plus any freight charges on parts which have been ordered on your behalf that are not required.
c. Workshop jobs carry a workshop warranty only

9. Cancellation Policy

a. We reserve the right to charge minimum charges for any job cancelled with less than 12 hours notice prior to the scheduled appointment time.