When is the Best Time of Year to Clean my Air-Conditioner?

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Have you ever wondered when the best time of year to clean your AC might be? We recommend Spring – between September and November. If you live in Noosa or nearby on the Sunshine Coast, please contact our team for assistance with giving your air-conditioner a Spring Clean. Our team is licensed and experienced, and ready to assist with your AC solution.

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Air-Conditioner

There are three main benefits of cleaning your air-conditioner unit on a regular basis: health, efficiency and longevity.

Health Reasons

You Don’t Want to Breathe This Air..

Over time, use of your air-conditioner creates a build-up of dirt and mould inside the unit’s filters. After a point, this buildup begins to affect the quality of the air being moved through the unit. This happens faster in places of high humidity such as the Sunshine Coast, due to high humidity / moisture in the air.  Take a look at some ‘before’ pictures of air-conditioners below (prior to cleaning). Imagine breathing air that has run through these machines! Regularly cleaning the filters, which is part of an air-conditioner clean and service, resolves the problem.

Efficiency Reasons / Running Costs

A buildup of contaminants such as dirt and mould in your air-conditioner’s filters affect the efficiency of your air-conditioner. As the buildup increases, the machine needs to work harder to move air through the filters. This additional load increases running costs. Meanwhile, the machine is circulating sub-optimal air. These problems can be resolved with an AC clean and service.

Longevity Reasons

Regular cleaning and servicing is necessary for your air-conditioner to enjoy a long life. Restricting the airflow in the unit makes the unit work harder which will shorten its lifespan. Keeping your air-conditioner clean will help it to last longer.

How Often Should Your Air-Conditioner be Cleaned?

Air-Conditioners should be cleaned at least once per year, or more often if used frequently. This maintenance should be done even if everything appears to be working normally. The cleaning and servicing process will help you with the benefits described above – health, efficiency, and longevity benefits.

Appliances should be kept in good working order.

Do All Types of Air-Conditioners Need to be Cleaned?

Different types of air-conditioners, such as ducted or split system air-conditioners, need to be cleaned and serviced. Regardless of the type of air-conditioner, the filters get dirty over time and need to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis. If you’re interested in learning more about air-conditioners, check out this article about different systems that we work with.

Signs Your Air-Conditioner Needs Cleaning

We recommend annual cleaning and servicing of your air-conditioner even when there are no signs of any problems. However, if left unattended, problems will eventually arise. These problems may include:
a. Functional problems / error codes
b. Weak performance
c. Bad smells
d. Strange noises
e. Inefficient operation
f. Increased electrical bills / power consumption

What Will Happen if You Don’t Clean Your Air-Conditioner?

Regularly cleaning and servicing will help you to avoid the problems discussed above – health issues, efficiency issues, and longevity issues. IAQ (indoor air quality) is important. You can learn more about it here. Air-conditioners are a device that need to be regularly cleaned and serviced for them to operate optimally.

When is the Best Time to Clean Your Air-Conditioner

The best time to clean your AC unit on the Sunshine Coast is in Spring: between September and November. The benefits of this approach include:

  • Ensuring your AC is ready to circulate clean air during the peak season (Summer)
  • Proactively resolving any problems with your AC before the peak time
  • Avoiding last-minute / urgent problems during the busy holiday period (Christmas, New Years, etc)

Book an Air-Conditioner Clean and Service

Book your air-conditioner clean or service with the link below. Our team is licensed and experienced. We service Noosa and surrounding suburbs on the Sunshine Coast. We look forward to assisting with your air-conditioner.