Annual Electrical Safety Bundle

Get peace of mind that the electrical circuits and smoke alarms in your home are operating safely and efficiently – and save! Sign up for our Annual Electrical Safety Bundle. It’s a proactive approach to electrical safety. We will contact you each year to arrange an appointment for essential electrical checks, tests and actions (see below). You will also receive a professional report on the status of your individual circuits, highlighting any non-compliance.

Kay Ellsum

I thoroughly recommend Noosa Electric Co. The technician was prompt, friendly and immediately identified the problem and fixed it. I would certainly use them again.

Huw Humphreys

Very satisfied with thorough work on a complex job. Grateful to the team – Thank you. Will use again.

Dianne Wilcox

Technician very helpful, giving me various options – not just the easiest or most expensive. Could not be happier.

Brett Morley

Excellent service. We needed the job done quickly. The Noosa electric team were very quick, highly knowledgeable with excellent attention to detail.

Everlyn Druce

The service and communication was a fast turn around and saved me $1000. They fixed my dishwasher and it was just a water sensor that cost $75. Thank you.

Annette Mazzeri

Extremely professional, efficient and friendly. They also removed rubbish and cleaned up after the installation of our air conditioner. Amazing customer service!

Robert Mackenzie

Two super lovely technicians arrived. Work was great with friendly advice. So many thanks. Rob.

Judy Lee

Quick response to enquiry and communication was great. Figured out ways to rectify the problem quickly and explained options. Very friendly and professional. Great customer service.

Craig Ellis

Our Technician quickly identified the problem , fixed it and left the job cleaner than it was when he arrived !!! ? Extremely satisfied and will surely recommend NEC for your electrical needs!

Janine Sheldon

Staff were friendly and happy to help. Booking was easy and had message to let me know when technician was on his way. Technician was friendly while carrying out work.

Leanne Sullivan

I would like to pass on by gratitude to Debbie, Jayson and Connor on a professional and amazing job done,  in getting my oven in. I really appreciate Debbie listening and understanding my desperation and finding Jayson , Thursday and Connor, Friday to come to my rescue. Both tradies were so understanding, efficient and the best!!! Thank you Noosa Electric Co, I will be giving you 10 star review.

Ian Lynch

Serviceman was on time, went straight to work servicing airconditioner, explained all. Was courteous and helpful. Very pleased.

Jayne Braithwaite

Professional technician quickly identified AC problem. Excellent communication. Highly recommended.

Kim Ayres

Prompt, efficient and affordable. Very happy. Definitely will use again. Great to have electrician who can look at appliances too.

Leonie Barnes

The technician was brilliant and the follow up from the office staff was also great.

Inga Fellows

Very pleasant. Very efficient. Kept in contact with us about the progress of the job.

Lee Coleman

Very professional and prompt service. Thank you for a very well done job.

Glenn Schaefer

Extremely happy with the entire experience. We had our old oven and range hood removed and new appliances installed. The tradesmen were very efficient, helpful and friendly. We will highly recommend Noosa Electric Co.

Lorna O’Donnell

Noosa Electric fitted us in on the same day. The electrician was polite and efficient, he fixed our issue quickly & professionally. Thank you Noosa Electric will use you again.

Sam Milne

The service and communication was very prompt and professional from the initial contact to the completion of work.

Roy Currie

Noosa Electric Co installed a ducted A/C system and re configured an existing A/C system and did both jobs with an exceptional degree of professionalism.

Sarah Fisher

Friendly staff and a pleasure to have come into our home and fix our dishwasher.

Lisa Mintz

Great electrician. Reliable, clean, helpful and friendly. They thought outside the square to find solutions. Telephone appointment staff super helpful and efficient also. Thank you so much.

Chris Bartholomaeus

Had oven and hotplates replaced by new ones. The guys were friendly and did a good job in a short time. Thanks for your professional and efficient work.

Janine Barnett

Technicians are always on time, and reliable.

Bundle Inclusions

  • Switchboard Compliance
  • Terminal tensioning
  • Switchboard clean and seal any holes
  • Circuit Testing
  • Safety Switch (RCD) testing
  • Smoke alarm test and clean
  • Notification on any non compliance
  • Visual inspection of electrical switchgear
  • Written report highlighting any non-compliance
  • Professional report of test results

Professional Reporting

Know exactly how your household circuits are performing with our professional report. With itemised information and thorough testing, you will clearly know if any action is required. See example report

Bundle Your AC and Save 20%

Regular AC servicing is essential for reasons including health, efficiency & costs. Add your air-conditioner service onto your annual bundle and receive a 20% discount on this component! (first year only)

Business Bundles

If you're interested in organising the Annual Electrical Safety Bundle for your business, please contact us for a quote.


Routinely and systematically undertaking these actions on an annual basis will help ensure your home is safe and compliant. Enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that problems are being proactively detected, enabling a pathway to timely, appropriate action.

Qualified & Licensed Team

Cooling Solutions

Cooling Solutions – AC & Ceiling Fans

If you have lived through a summer on the Sunshine Coast, you will know that things heat up considerably – high temperatures and humidity can rapidly make life unbearable. Integrating a cooling solution such as air-conditioning or ceiling fans into your home or office is an essential step to take control over your internal environment and make those hot days more liveable. 

Whether you’re building a new home or upgrading, talk to our team for a cooling solution geared to suit your lifestyle. We service Noosa and surrounding suburbs, and deliver a quality service and ongoing support that you can count on.

Choosing a Cooling Solution For Your Home or Business

Air-conditioning and ceiling fans are the most popular electrical cooling solutions that we offer. When you talk to our team, we will help you determine the best option for your premises and cooling goals. Learn more about these solutions here, or contact our team to find out more about cooling solutions with Noosa Electric Co.

Air Conditioning

Air-conditioning is a cooling solution perfectly calibrated to life on the Sunshine Coast. AC gives you total control over the internal environment, enabling you to set up and manage your air temperature and quality just as you like it.

Noosa Electric Co. provides a complete air-conditioning service. We can assist with all aspects including:

  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Repair 

We work with both split and ducted systems for new and existing homes and businesses. These systems can be customised to suit the size and number of rooms you need to cool. As an approved warranty repair provider for most major brands, we ensure a compliant installation and provide post-sales support you can count on.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a fantastic option to take the edge off the heat and can be used as a standalone solution or integrated with an air-conditioner. By establishing an internal breeze, ceiling fans will certainly make your rooms more pleasant and bearable in the heat of summer.

Book Ceiling Fan Supply, Installation or Repair Online

Cooling Solutions FAQ

Do you supply and install air-conditioners and fans?

We supply and install air-conditioners and fans. If you have sourced your AC or fan from another supplier, contact our team and we will discuss the best way forward.

What brands do you recommend?

We work with all major brands, and will suggest a solution using an appropriate brand for your premises and your budget. Contact our team to learn more.

My AC / ceiling fan is broken. Can you repair it?

Noosa Electric Co. provides a complete AC service including supply, installation, maintenance and repair. We also offer an electrical appliance repair service. We’ll evaluate your situation and advise the best way forward.

When is the best time to organise a fan or air-conditioner?

Don’t wait until the last minute. Summer on the Sunshine Coast is hot and busy. It’s better to organise your electrical installations and servicing before the heat sets in.

Further Reading

Electrical Maintenance & Repairs

Electrical Maintenance & Repair Noosa
Electrical Maintenance & Repair Noosa

Our electricians are ready to resolve your electrical maintenance & repair issues for general electrical, air-conditioning, appliances & refrigeration in Noosa and surrounding suburbs. Book online today: our team is ready to help you with your residential or commercial electrical maintenance & repair work.

Electrical Maintenance

Maintenance is an essential consideration for electrical appliances – especially hard-working ones like air-conditioners. Organising a regular scheduled service is the best way to ensure everything will work as intended when you need it most. Talk to our team about maintenance for your appliances or electrical infrastructure. We’ve been serving the Sunshine Coast since 1973, and will have a solution for your maintenance needs.

Electrical Repairs

Electrical repairs should only be undertaken by a licensed, qualified electrician. Our team is here to help. If you’re experiencing any problems with your residential or commercial electrics, please contact our team to organise a solution. Don’t wait – electrical repairs should always be completed as quickly as possible.

Electrical Maintenance & Repair FAQ

Do you provide scheduled maintenance?

We provide electrical maintenance on both a once-off or scheduled basis. A scheduled basis is the most proactive approach to electrical maintenance, and should be considered, especially for hard-working appliances & infrastructure.

Will my repairs be covered by warranty?

Noosa Electric Co is an approved warranty repair provider for most major brands on the Sunshine Coast. Check with our team – we will be able to clarify if your repair is covered by warranty, and guide you through the warranty repair process.

Do you provide a tagging and testing service?

Tagging and testing is an essential consideration for electrical equipment. It is usually a requirement for equipment to be tagged and tested when it is used for any commercial application, to make sure it is safe for use.

What should I do if my electrical equipment is damaged?

Damaged electrical equipment should not be used. It should either be disposed of or repaired and tested by a professional. We can help – if you have damaged electrical equipment in Noosa & surrounding suburbs, our electricians can evaluate, repair, and advise.

Noosa Electrician

Noosa Electricians
Noosa Electricians

Contact Noosa Electric Co for a licensed, qualified electrician in Noosa & surrounding suburbs. We’ve been servicing the Sunshine Coast since 1973, and deliver a quality electrical service backed by excellent customer service and support. Whether you’re looking for assistance with wiring, lighting, appliances, air-conditioning, installation or electrical repairs, our team is ready to assist. Contact us today to book your job:

Residential Electrician Noosa

Residential Electrician Noosa
Residential Electrician Noosa

Our electricians are ready to deal with your residential electrical needs. Contact us to discuss your general electrical needs including lighting, electrical repairs, wiring, installations, servicing and upgrades. We also offer an appliance repair service, so we can assist with your white goods such as fridges, air-conditioners, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers.

Commercial Electrician Noosa

Commercial Electrician Noosa
Commercial Electrician Noosa

Our team is diverse and experienced – we can help with all commercial electrical requirements in Noosa and surrounding suburbs. We enjoy many long-term partnerships with local businesses, including resorts, real estate agencies and property managers. Our services and depth of experience is well-aligned to commercial application, whether as a one-off electrical job or an ongoing partnership.

General Electrical Services

Talk to our team for all things electrical, including:

  • Fault-finding
  • Air Conditioning
  • Appliance Installation
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Data Cabling
  • Wiring
  • Surge Protection
  • Spare Parts
  • Refrigeration
  • Appliance Repair
  • Compliance & Safety
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Lighting
  • Ceiling Fans
  • RCD
  • Switchboard Upgrades

Noosa Electrician FAQ

How much does an electrician cost per hour?

Please visit this page to review our prices.

Do you provide a free quote?

Please contact our team to discuss your job. Our approach will depend on what’s involved with your job.

Can you do lighting upgrades?

Yes, we can help you with lighting selection and installation. Moving to LED lighting is a great way to save money on your power bill.

What is your service area?

We service Noosa and surrounding suburbs within (roughly) the area between Noosa, Pomona, Bli Bli and Twin Waters.

Electrical Safety & Compliance

Electrical Safety & Compliance
Electrical Safety & Compliance

Safety and compliance are of paramount importance with any residential or commercial electrical work. Whether it’s a new installation or existing infrastructure, our focus is on a quality solution. Our team includes a diverse range of electricians specialising in general electrical, appliance, air-conditioning and refrigeration in the Noosa area, and we will organise the right team and skills to accomplish your job safely and compliantly. Book an electrician from a company with a history of excellence today.

Tagging & Testing

Contact us for tagging and testing of your electrical equipment. This process ensures your appliances or equipment is safe to use. Tagging & testing is beneficial for any electrical equipment. If you’d like to check your equipment, simply contact our team to arrange an appointment with an electrician in Noosa and surrounding suburbs.

Smoke Alarms

Are your smoke alarms up to speed? With new legislation coming into place in 2022, (for properties rented or leased) it’s imperative to ensure your smoke alarms meet the standard. Our team can help by evaluating your existing smoke alarms, and (if necessary) organising a compliant solution suitable for your dwelling.

Compliant Installations

AC Installation Noosa
AC Installation Noosa

Any electrical installation, whether it be an air-conditioner, smoke alarm or solar system, must be undertaken in a safe and compliant manner. We ensure your appliances are installed correctly. This ensures you have access to warranty repair options, as applicable, if any problems should arise with your appliance.

Safety Audits

Safety audits are applicable for both commercial and non-commercial situations. A safety audit is useful to enhance your understanding of electrical risk, and to take proactive action to minimise that risk to staff & customers. For events & commercial situations, a safety audit may be an essential part of your safety procedures. Talk to our team to organise a safety audit for your business today.

Working Safely

Working at Heights Electrical Safety
Working at Heights

The safety of our staff and customers is our highest priority. We ensure our team are equipped with the tools and gear to accomplish their job safely, and the procedures to support their work. In addition to working safely with electricity, we are also ready to work at elevated heights, taking on projects involving street or sports field lighting.

Common Warning Signs

Fire and electrical shock can be caused by faulty electrical equipment. Common warning signs include:

  • broken enclosures or cracked plastic covers
  • discolouration caused by overheating or moisture
  • water in and around the appliance
  • frayed cords or damaged plugs
  • full or dirty filters

[SRC: electrical safety.qld.gov.au]

If you see any of these warning signs, take preventative action. Contact our team for an assessment and removal of the hazard from your home or business.

Safety & Compliance FAQ

Do you install compliant smoke alarm solutions?

Talk to our team about a smoke alarm solution that is compliant with the new legislation. Learn more about the legislation and our smoke alarm solutions here.

How do I know my appliance has been safely installed?

When you work with our team, we will install your appliance to meet the manufacturers requirements, in addition to adhering to Australian electrical best practices. Our electricians are licensed, qualified and experienced to undertake the assigned work.

What does tagging and testing cover?

Tagging and testing is an essential consideration for electrical equipment. It is usually a requirement for equipment to be tagged and tested when it is used for any commercial application, to make sure it is safe for use.

What should I do if my electrical equipment is damaged?

Damaged electrical equipment should not be used. It should either be disposed of or repaired and tested by a professional. We can help – if you have damaged electrical equipment in Noosa & surrounding suburbs, our electricians can evaluate, repair, and advise.