Air-Conditioning Upgrades

Air-Conditioner Upgrades Sunshine Coast
Air-Conditioner Upgrades Sunshine Coast

Is it time to upgrade your air-conditioner? On the northern Sunshine Coast, our team is ready to bring you up to date. We can help you upgrade any type of system and our team will remove the old unit to make things easier for you. Contact us to discuss your residential and commercial AC upgrades today, and we will help you connect with the right system to suit your needs.

When Is The Best Time To Upgrade?

On the Sunshine Coast, the best time to upgrade your air-conditioner is between April and September. The reason for this is that the hotter months become very busy for electrical service providers, and it can be more difficult to arrange a booking during this peak time. By the way, that’s also most likely to be the time you discover your system needs to be replaced! So if you’re in any doubt and your system is getting old, a proactive approach will achieve a better result for you.

Split System Air-Conditioner Upgrades

Talk to our team for assistance with your split-system air-conditioner upgrade. Noosa Electric Co specialises in AC solutions. In addition to replacing your old system, we can also help guide you to an optimum system to switch to from the major brands we work with, and provide warranty (and non-warranty) support to you into the future. It’s all part of our service! Right now, you can take advantage of Fujitsu’s Free Money Offer which includes split system air-conditioner purchases.

Ducted Air-Conditioner Upgrades

Is it time to upgrade your ducted air-conditioner to a modern ducted solution. Ducted AC is a different type of work than other AC jobs, because of the integration of the ducted unit into the premises and specialised skills required. We are uniquely equipped to assist with ducted upgrades for these reasons:

  1. Our skillset includes both Electricians with Split System Installers Licences and Refrigeration Mechanics. This depth of experience gives us the capability to ensure work on your ducted air-conditioner will proceed according to plan.
  2. Ducted AC work can be complex and involved. We have a large, qualified team, and assemble the specific staff needed to manage and complete your project.
  3. Our business includes a warehousing capability to facilitate the storage and deployment of bulky ducted AC components.

Talk to us for a ducted upgrade and access benefits including:

  • Enhanced efficiency of a modern system
  • Reduced running costs
  • Quieter and more effective cooling
  • Environmentally superior solutions

As mentioned above, between April and September are the best times to organise a ducted air-conditioner upgrade (the summer period is a peak time and it may prove challenging to organise work of this nature during this busy time). Right now, you can take advantage of Fujitsu’s Free Money Offer which includes ducted air-conditioner purchases.

AC Upgrades vs AC Repairs

An upgrade isn’t always the best option. It makes sense to extend the life of your existing air-conditioner as long as possible. If your AC is on the blink and is within its warranty, don’t hesitate to contact our team for an assessment and resolution. We’re an approved warranty-repair provider for major brands, and can also assist with out-of-warranty repairs as well.

Air-Conditioning Design

Air-Conditioning Design Sunshine Coast
Air-Conditioning Design Sunshine Coast

If you’re considering purchasing an air-conditioner, whether it’s for a single room or multiple rooms, an important consideration is matching the machine to the task. Ensuring an appropriate air-conditioning solution is in place is essential for efficient, sustained operation. Air-conditioners come in a wide range of types, sizes and capabilities (learn more about them here), and selecting the appropriate brand and model for your needs is critical to achieve a great result.

How we Assist

Noosa Electric Co are air-conditioning experts on the northern part of the Sunshine Coast. Based in Noosaville, our mobile team are here to assist with air-conditioning design, sales & installation, servicing & maintenance, repairs / warranty repairs and upgrades. We are approved warranty repairers for most major brands and are here to assist with every part of your air-conditioner journey.

We can help you determine the best air-conditioner solution for your needs by appraising your premises and functional requirements to completely understand the possibilities and limitations, before arriving at the most appropriate solution for your situation.

Sales & Installation

In addition to assessing your premises and determine the right type of AC system for your home or business, Noosa Electric Co can also help with the sale and installation of your new air-conditioner. Our electricians are licensed, qualified and experienced, ready to take on your project and make it a success.

Sales & Installation – More Information

Air-Conditioner Design – Get Started

To get started, simply contact our customer service team. With our assistance, we will help connect you with the right configuration for your needs, for an optimal result. Whether you’re looking to cool a single room or a whole home, the Noosa Electric Co Team is here to assist.

Competition Winner

Competition Winner - Air Conditioning

We are very happy to announce that Megan Lewis of Valdora is the winner of our air-conditioner competition! Congratulations Megan, your week is off to a great start! Thank you to everyone who participated in our competition. For all things air-conditioning this summer, please don’t hesitate to contact Noosa Electric Co, and stay cool.

Best regards, The Noosa Electric Co. Team.