Improving Solar Performance

AC Solar Efficiency

An investment in solar technology should always have the goal of achieving maximum performance. Noosa Electric Co provides Enphase Microinverter AC Solar Solutions, geared to optimise solar energy collection, management and usage.

AC Solar has two major advantages over DC solar in operational efficiency. These are:

  1. Individual Panel Performance
  2. No Single Inverter (Point of Failure)

Individual Panel Performance

A fundamental distinction between AC and DC solar systems is the in the way they deal with the conversion from DC to AC current. In a DC solar system, the conversion process occurs at a single central inverter, whereas an AC solar system converts DC to AC at each individual panel. This creates an efficiency advantage.

Per-Panel Microinverters

In a DC Solar installation in series, for the entire array to perform optimally, all of the panels in the configuration must be performing optimally. If any panel reduces its output (for example due to shade) the performance of the whole system is reduced accordingly.

A single quarter-shaded panel is actually a quarter shaded system. (SRC: Enphase)

With an AC Solar system, panels operate on an individual basis. The total performance does not rely on the performance of all of the other panels. If a panel goes into shade, only that individual panel’s performance is compromised – not the entire system.

No Single Inverter (Point of Failure)

Performance requires reliability, and a significant advantage of AC solar over DC solar is its evolution beyond using a single inverter. In the case of using a single inverter, the failure of that component will cause the entire system to fail. AC solar works differently. With AC solar, the conversion from DC to AC is done on each individual panel. Accordingly, an inverter failure only affects a single panel – not the entire system.

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