Electrification Safety & Compliance

Safety and compliance is of paramount importance with any electrical work. In the process of Electrification, the electrical systems in your home or business may need to be adjusted. We are here to help you approach the changes of Electrification in a strategic way, working towards a safe, compliant and integrated solution.

Compliant Solar Installations

Solar collection is the key to Electrification

Electrification is based on the premise of using clean, renewable power. Solar is a great way to achieve this. Introducing a solar array into your home requires and experienced, capable team who are licensed and prepared to undertake the tasks associated with a solar project. Contact us to learn more about solar solutions. We provide a free consultation and quote, working with you to design a solar solution optimised for your energy needs.

Electrical Updates

In addition to updating the supply of energy to your home or business with a solar solution, there are a number of other changes that might be made in order to optimise the way you use energy. Talk to our team for assistance with a safe and compliant approach to Electrification including EV charging installations, cooktop updates, switchboard updates, rewiring, air-conditioner installations and servicing, hot water system upgrades, LED upgrades, or any other tasks or services.

We assist with all integrations

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