Heating and Cooling Solutions

Heating and cooling are an important part of living comfortably through the year. On The Sunshine Coast, we enjoy a mainly moderate climate. However, it does get quite cool in winter and our summers can be notoriously hot and humid. In this brief article, we look at heating and cooling through the lens of Electrification, with the goal of creating a more sustainable and Energy Efficient approach to heating and cooling at home.


Electrification is the switch to use electrical appliances and transportation, powered by clean, renewable electricity. Electrification is a move away from fossil fuelled power sources. 

Heating, Cooling & Electrification

Heating and cooling can be achieved via Electrification with the following steps:

  1. Using a clean, renewable energy source (e.g. solar energy)
  2. Using electrical appliances
  3. Optimising usage to maximise the advantage of energy
Installation of AC on Noosa Electric Co. HQ Rooftop

Heating and Cooling Solutions

Heating and cooling can be electrically achieved by a reverse-cycle air-conditioner, powered by solar energy. With the ability to heat and cool built into a single unit, reverse-cycle air-conditioners enable internal temperature modulation utilising electricity. If the electricity is sourced from clean, renewable energy (such as solar energy) then heating and cooling is being achieved in an Electrified manner.

Reverse Cycle AC – Heating & Cooling

Learn More About Heating and Cooling

Our team can assist with all aspects of an electrified heating and cooling solution, including solar installations and reverse cycle air-conditioner sales, installation and maintenance. To learn more about heating and cooling on the Sunshine Coast, talk to our team.